Masters & Teachers

All Masters and Teachers hold a certified teaching qualification and have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check (previously CRB check) to ensure we are protecting the young and vulnerable. Each Association holds member-to-member and Public Liability insurances for the Masters/Teachers, and regular spot-checks are made by the Renmei to ensure standards are not only met, but also sustained.

A list of our Masters and Teachers can be found below. Masters and Teachers in other nations have their own sites.

Osaka Karate Kai
  • Anthony Cox-hanshi
    (Chief Instructor)
  • Luke Lawrence-tasshi
  • Reiss Nash-tasshi
Kuro Hayashi Karate Kai
  • Mark Shelley-hanshi
    (Chief Instructor)
  • Paul Shelley-sensei
  • Stephen Grayston-meijin
  • Bradley Grayston-hanshi
Maru Karate Kai
  • Marc Grayston-hanshi
    (Chief Instructor)
  • Ryan Chandler-renshi
Hinode Karate Kai
  • Robert Fagg-kyoshi
    (Chief Instructor)
Kuro Mizu Karate Kai
  • Owen Farrant-tasshi
    (Chief Instructor)
  • Ryan Farrant-senpai
  • Glenn Donnelly-senpai
Inyo Karate Kai
  • James Waddoups-renshi
    (Chief Instructor)
Ame Karate Kai
  • Jo Stanford-tasshi
    (Chief Instructor)
  • Gerald Jones-sensei